What Property Management St Louis Mo Entails

Property management St Louis Mo entails doing several things. However, the main aim of property management is to keep the property properly maintained and repaired when necessary and keeping it occupied by the right tenants. This is very important because it ensures that you receive greater returns from your investment in real estate. After investing a significant amount of money in your property, you do not want to take it for granted. If your property is not properly management, you will incur unnecessary and costly repairs. You can also face irreparable business and legal implications if you do not have a person to take care of the needs of the tenants and regulations’ compliance. Basically, St Louis property management entails the following responsibilities.

Collecting rents and keeping records

The primary role of property managers in St Louis is to collect rents in a timely manner. This is very important because as an investor in rental properties, rents are your returns. Therefore, property managers engage in rental collection as well as book keeping. Book keeping entails keeping records of mortgage payment where necessary and bills payment records.

Tenant application screening and approval

It is the responsibility of property managers to screen tenants to ensure that only the right tenants occupy your property. To do this, they check the backgrounds of applicants thoroughly. Complete screening of the applicants entails checking their credit, searching past evictions, employment verification, tenant history and bad check among others.

Taking care of regular repairs and maintenance of your property

As long as you paying tenants in your property, it is your responsibility to resolve maintenance problems promptly. You must meet the daily utility needs of your tenants such as electricity and water. Some building repairs have to be addressed promptly such as roofing, carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical works. Property management involves providing important services like carpet cleaning, trash hauling, and general cleaning. Additionally, property management entails meeting environmental regulations such as providing quality water, waste disposal, interior air and energy consumption maintenance among others.


Property managers in St Louis act as a liaison between tenants and property owners. If as a property owner you live away from your property, the property manager will be your representative while you are away. This means that the property manager will not only resolve arising issues. The manager will also keep you updated on the condition of your property.


Property management ensures that your property is protected. It is the responsibility of your property manager to keep the premises of your property protected from fires, thefts, illegal intrusions as well as other man-made hazards that may put your property at risk whether vacant or occupied.

Your rental property is a lifetime investment. You have worked hard to develop or acquire the property. As such, you should ensure that your property is properly managed as well as protected to maintain its physical condition and improve its value. This is why you need professional property management St Louis Mo services.

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