Tips for Managing Rentals in St Louis MO

Managing rentals in St Louis Mo can cause legal issues if done by inexperienced individuals and this is the major reason why many property owners hire services of property management companies. A crucial aspect in the management of rentals is to prevent problems before they happen. Knowing the basic duties of property owners to tenants is among the first steps towards warding off the associated legal issues. Our experts share some of the tips that will enable you to manage your rentals and avoid legal issues.

Do not discriminate against potential tenants

A property owner should not reject prospective tenants for discriminatory reasons. The law prohibits property owners from denying rental applicants opportunities to live in rental units on the basis of their color, race, familial status, national origin, employment history, sex or disability. The decision of a property owner should be based on factors like employment history, income and credit history. It is also important that as a property manager you maintain written documentation of the reasons for rejecting prospective tenants and ensure a consistent screening process.

Use a written landlord/tenant agreement

An important tip to every rental property owner is to ensure that they have a written agreement that is completed and signed by tenants as they move into their rental units. Lease agreements indicate the rental terms which guide tenant/landlord relationship. This agreement has provisions like tenant names, tenancy length, security deposit and the party that is responsible for repairs. It also specifies the date when rent is due and the acceptable payments as well as the allowed grace period.

Inspect your property regularly

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to inspect your property on regular basis to prevent dangerous conditions which can lead to injuries. If a tenant is injured while residing in your property, they can file a lawsuit and you will bear the legal responsibility. This is because the tenant can claim that you behaved recklessly or with intent, you violated safety and health regulations, was unreasonably careless and that you did not repair the premises making it inhabitable. It is also in line with property inspection that you should ensure check the property for criminal activity and take appropriate measures.

Notify tenants about entries to a rental unit

As the rentals owner, it is your responsibility to inform tenants when they can move into your property. Additionally, as the landlord you should inform tenants about instances under which you can enter the rental unit. For instance, you can enter the rental unit while making repairs or inspecting the property as well as in the event of an emergency. Except for emergency situations, you should provide a written or verbal notice of your intention to enter the rental unit. For more information about the St Louis property Management visit Amoso Properties.

Make prompt repairs

It is your duty as the landlord to maintain and repair rental property in a way that makes it fit for occupation. Therefore, make sure that you repair the rental units promptly whenever repairs become necessary. Basically, following these tips will make managing rentals in St Louis Mo possible for you. However, the easiest way of managing rentals is hiring services of the best property management company. Get in touch with us today for help in managing your property.

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