The duties of a property management company

Inspecting rentals in St Louis Mo is one of the duties of property management companies. Regular inspection ensures that maintenance are scheduled properly. It is also possible to inspect rentals at different times depending on your needs. Here are some ideas for rental inspections from our experienced property managers that will enable you to know what happens to your rentals while assessing the needs of the tenants.

Move-in inspections :

It is important to inspect a rental unit before a new tenant moves in. This inspection should be done by a St Louis property management company together with the tenant. Anything that requires repair or cleaning should be documented carefully before a new tenant moves in. This is the right time for ensuring that rental requirements and policies are understood. Face to face communication ensures that the requirements and policies are clear. Everything that is discussed during this inspection should be documented. During this inspection, it is also important to schedule the next inspection.

Move-out inspection :

A move-out inspection should be done with the tenant. This helps in avoiding disputes regarding the damage that was done and that damage is not part of the regular conditions of living. If a move-in inspection was done properly and documented, it is possible to have a move-out inspection that has clear expectations and policies.

Safety or seasonal inspections :

Rental properties should be maintained throughout the rental period. It is important to ensure that a property remains safe for tenants. When inspections are scheduled regularly, they enable a property management company to check for various things that require repairs. This inspection is also important because it ensures that a property is maintained regularly. Furnaces and air conditioners should be checked for necessary repairs and cleaning before they start being used for a particular season. Roofs and gutters should also be checked especially after winter and for proper maintenance during spring.

When you hire services of a good property management company, you can rest assured that safety of your tenants will be assured from a financial and legal viewpoint. Regular inspections help in keeping rental units in proper condition. The property management company communicates with tenants about inspections instead of showing up unannounced. This enables tenants to make appropriate measures or to prepare for the inspections properly.

Drive-by inspections :

These are kind of inspections that do not require the property management company in St Louis to make any announcement to tenants. It entails driving by the rentals to check the outside of the property so that you can identify areas that need maintenance or repairs. If your property does not have a pet policy, this inspection will enable you to determine whether there are possible pet violations.

It is important to note that tenants have a privacy right. However, a St Louis property management company is obliged to ensure proper maintenance of the properties that they manage. Regular inspection of rentals in St Louis Mo helps with maintenance as well as communication between the management and the tenant. Contact us today for more information and rentals inspection in St Louis.

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